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Unlocking Creativity and Productivity

Hey community! 👋 Let's talk about something crucial to success: the power of focused thinking and the impact it has on our ability to generate original ideas and boost productivity. 🚀🧠

1️⃣ "It’s only by concentrating, sticking to the question, being patient, letting all the parts of my mind come into play, that I arrive at an original idea." This quote, shared by a brilliant mind, emphasizes the importance of deep concentration and patience when seeking creative breakthroughs. In a world of distractions, taking the time to truly immerse ourselves in a task can lead to remarkable insights and innovative solutions. Let's embrace the art of focused thinking! 🎯🔍

2️⃣ Are you looking to enhance your thinking abilities? The best way to achieve that is by dedicating quality time to thinking itself. 🕰️🤔 Step away from constant stimulation and allow your mind to wander, explore ideas, and make unexpected connections. Carve out moments of solitude, whether it's during a walk in nature, a quiet morning routine, or intentional reflection. Remember, great ideas are often born from a well-nurtured mind. 🌱💭

3️⃣ Here's an eye-opening truth: multitasking isn't as effective as it may seem. Research has shown that people who multitask not only perform poorly in various mental abilities but also struggle with multitasking itself. 🚫📱⚡ So, let's challenge the notion of doing more in less time and instead prioritize focused attention. By immersing ourselves in one task at a time, we can achieve better results, foster creativity, and improve overall productivity. 🙌💪

Let's start cultivating a mindset that embraces focused thinking, boosts creativity, and unlocks our full potential. 🌟✨ Share your thoughts on the power of concentration, and let's inspire each other to prioritize deep work and tap into our innate brilliance. Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes! 🌟🚀

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Stay tuned for more insights and tips on how to unleash your creative genius! 🎉🔥

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Work Hard and be nice to people

Die Plakate von Anthony Burrill sind inspiriend und stellen für mich großartiges Design in minimalistischer Form dar. Die Geschichte hinter dem Plakat "WORK HARD AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE" ist so alltäglich, dass sie jedem passieren kann oder auch schon passiert ist. Seine Plakte sowie sein erschienes Buch sind klasse und motivieren mich sehr. Aus diesem Grund wird es hier nun etwas unbezahlte Werbung für Anthony Burrill geben!

workhard-and-be-nice-to-people by Anthony Burrill

Originalgeschichte hinter dem Plakat

"Ich habe WORK HARD zum ersten Mal 2004 gemacht. Ursprünglich war es als Geschenk für Freunde und als Plakat zur Eigenwerbung gedacht, das an potenzielle Kunden verschickt werden sollte. Es wurde im traditionellen Buchdruckverfahren von Adams of Rye gedruckt und wurde durch ein Gespräch inspiriert, das ich in einem örtlichen Supermarkt gehört hatte. Eine alte Dame teilte der Kassiererin das Geheimnis eines glücklichen Lebens mit. Das einfache Stückchen Weisheit traf bei mir den Nerv der Zeit, und ich dachte, es würde ein unvergessliches Poster abgeben." - Anthony Burrill, 2015

Weitere Werke

Photograph by katedavis.co.uk
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copy & paste with AR

New Tool enables copy & paste of real world objects via smartphone

Cyril Diagne has created a fascinating little augmented reality tool from a number of components: with the help of his smartphone you can take a photograph of an object in your environment and then paste it into a picture on a computer screen - so to speak, visual copy and paste of real objects into digital content.

"AR Cut & Paste" consists of several components: one uses machine learning to recognise the object the smartphone is aimed at, digitises it and releases it. The BASNet algorithm is used here. This step is currently still carried out with the help of a separate service on a PC via HTTP, which you have to set up yourself - but in future it can be embedded in the app itself.


In a further step, it is calculated where exactly on the computer screen the virtual object should be inserted. The communication between smartphone and PC runs via a local server on the computer, which receives the object data from the smartphone via the local network and then inserts it in the form of its own layer in Photoshop via remote connection. It is also responsible for calculating the position using the Screenpoint algorithm.

At the moment the tool is still a prototype in the development stage, but anyone with programming skills can try it out for themselves, as the source code including installation instructions is freely available on Github. But all other interested people can hope - because soon there will be an own, easier to install app called AR Copy Paste.

Digital copying of an object still takes about 2.5 seconds and pasting about four, but the respective algorithms can easily be further optimized in the course of further development of the tool. For those who want to know more: in a separate Twitter thread the developer provides information about some questions concerning the tool. We are curious - there are a lot of practical applications for the tool in creative work or communication, for example an integration for cooperation with other programs. The interest in Copy & Paste per AR is enormous: the video has already been viewed about 5 million times.

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